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Understanding essential software and computer programmes are not enough to secure a job in the information technology (IT) industry. There’s more to an industry driven by innovation and technology. Riddled with challenges and booming technology, securing a job role in the IT industry extends beyond working with computer systems and technology.
In this article, we will discuss what it takes to pass the IT project manager interview round without peril or hassle. But, before that, let’s understand who an IT project manager is and what do they do in an organization.

Who is an IT Project Manager?

An IT project manager is responsible for developing, managing, executing, and completing a project. They are trained and skilled individuals to oversee the IT goals set by the company and manage different systems of an organization. Companies across the globe are employing IT project managers for various reasons—completing large-scale IT projects being one of them.

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Talking about IT manager’s job description, ideally, IT managers are the heart and soul of an IT-related project. They set goals, monitor the team’s performance, define the team’s duties and role in the project, procure and allocate resources, and communicate with external and internal vendors and engineers. Here are some of the tasks an IT project manager performs daily. Let’s skim through them:

  • IT project planning, setting an objective, using technology to track and monitor the team’s performance.
  • Managing team members with the help of employee management software.
  • Acting as a bridge between the team and stakeholders.
  • Collaborating with external and internal teams like logistics, marketing, finance, etc., to track the progress of the project.
  • Learning about new trends and market updates to stay ahead of the competition.

IT project managers across different organizations perform a varied set of tasks. And often, recruiting managers tend to ask IT project managers the questions corresponding to their daily tasks.Interview questions that go beyond- define information technology in your words.

Continue reading to know the top five IT project manager interview questions that correspond to IT managers’ daily tasks asked during the interview round.

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Frequently Asked Interview Questions for IT Project Managers

Here are some popular IT project manager interview questions frequently asked by employers.

  1. Describe a milestone you achieved in the professional career that makes you proud.
  2. What is your greatest success as an IT project manager?
  3. What is your greatest failure as an IT project manager?
  4. Why should we hire you?
  5. What is your biggest strength and weakness that affects your job?

Passing an IT project manager interview is no child’s play. You should equip yourself with the right qualification, skills, and prerequisites required to secure a job. In the succeeding part of the article, we will discuss the IT project manager’s job description, skills, roles, and responsibilities in detail. And later, in the last part of the article, we’ll take you through the answers to some of the commonly asked IT project manager interview questions.

IT Project Manager Job Description

An ideal IT project manager must have soft skills like communication, empathy, others, and technical skills. An IT project manager must also have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in information technology or a similar field to learn these skills. Inquisitive candidates can take up advanced certification courses in IT to expand their knowledge and enhance their skills. Many aspirants are opting for certification courses in IT, and you can do that too for better opportunities and pay packages.
If you plan to pursue a career in information technology, below mentioned IT project manager skills are a must-have.

IT Project Manager Skills

Here are some skills employers look for in aspiring IT project managers:

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Communication skills

Leadership skills

Project management skills

Analytical skills

Time management skills

Team management skills

Technical skills

IT project managers juggle different tasks and perform various responsibilities in a business organization. Here are some common roles and responsibilities of an IT project manager.

IT Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities

  • Strategic planning of how to integrate and utilize different types of modern programmes in the business milieu.
  • Solve computer systems and modern device issues and regularly monitor the performance of various IT systems.
  • Participate in recruitment and training of new IT or project management staff.
  • Supervise, delegate, and look out for the performance of all IT personnel.
  • Ensure that employees follow IT best practices and security and safety procedures while transferring important business-related information.

Now let’s look at some of the frequently asked technical interview questions commonly asked from aspiring IT project managers.

IT Project Manager Technical Interview Questions and Answers

The significance of preparing for the interview round beforehand is slowly diminishing because of the evolving learning curriculum some courses offer. These top-notch and comprehensive courses prepare you for even the worst-case scenarios and help you stay confident throughout the interview. If you also believe that preparedness is the key to a successful job interview, then here are some IT project manager interview questions and answers that will test your technical skills and capabilities.

What is the meaning of the project life cycle?

The product life cycle is summarized as a concept that tracks the duration of a project. It starts with the ideation and research related to the project and ends with its execution. Being an IT project manager, you should be equipped to answer this interview question that tests your project-related knowledge.

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What is the meaning of quality standards in computer software?

The quality standard is a paradigm that helps test the quality of computer software used by business enterprises. International Organization of Standardization is the governing authority that provides a rank to different software based on their processes and systems. High-quality standards ensure proper integration and functioning of the software in the business environment.
Since IT project managers are responsible for the procurement of resources required to carry out the business, they must be well-versed with quality standards and similar concepts. Interviewers often ask this IT project manager interview question for the same reason – to test their knowledge about software and its functioning.

What is EVM?

Earned value management is a project management technique used to measure a project’s performance. IT project managers use EVM consistently to measure the progress of a project they are working on.

Interviewers ask these questions to gauge the IT project manager’s understanding of different project management techniques and tools. So, before going for the interview, brush up on project management tools and techniques project managers frequently use.

How are effort and schedule variance different from each other?

Effort variance is the difference between the planned effort and actual effort undertaken in a project. Meanwhile, schedule variance is the difference between planned milestones and achieved milestones. These are some common terminologies that float around in the project management team. And if you are to head the team, you too should be aware of them.

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What are the main reasons for project failures?

There are different project measurement techniques to track success and failure. While answering this IT project manager interview question, talk about all those techniques. For the novice, here are some of the reasons for the failure of a project:

  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Poor leadership
  • Improper implementation
  • Miscommunication between team members
  • Half-baked efforts of the team

Aspiring IT project managers often fail to clear the interview round in the first attempt. Don’t be in despair over failure, rather, work on developing skills and knowledge required by employers. Emeritus India offers several certification courses in IT that help you learn new skills and expand your knowledge-base, increasing your chances of getting a job in one of the reputable and renowned companies. Come on, take the first step towards a fulfilling career in IT by enrolling for the course today!


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