Being a Dick Walkthrough - Season 1 (2023)

Table of Contents

  • Plot
  • Episode 1
    • Episode 2
      • Episode 3
        • Episode 4
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          A young man from a low-income family moves away from his widowed father and his summer love to attend college at Burgmeister & Royce. As he is cast into freshman life and persuaded to join the up-and-coming fraternity Delta Iota Kappa, he’ll be exposed to a new world filled with conflicts, alcohol, drugs and sex.

          (Video) Being A DIK Season 1 Complete Walkthrough

          Being a DIK Walkthrough – Episode 1

          • Get mad/Shrug ot off
          • Think a bad thought/Ignore it
          • Nasty joke(Relationship Points Josy +1) /Corny joke
          • Draw dicks(+2) (Relationship Points Josy +1) /Draw a funny face(Relationship Points Josy +1) /Don’t draw(-2, but +2 money later)
          • I really like it (Relationship Points Josy +1)
          • Check out her ass/Check out her boobs/Leave
          • Get annoyed/Humor him
          • Accept money /Ask for more money/Reject Money
          • Push him for more/Accept less(if you painted a face)
          • Yes, sorry / I can stay if you want
          • Ok / It’s a date (Relationship Points Josy +1) (if you draw something)
          • Trigger him/What do you mean
          • Retort/Ignore him

          1st free roam

          • Talk to dad
          • 1st render: Click on magazine (table)
          • Click on the phone > chat app > Josy > always 2nd choice
          • Go to bath room
          • 2nd render: Magazine (plant)
          • Click on shower
          • Click on the Guitar (MC Room)
          • 3rd render: Magazine (table)
          • Phone > Brawler game > pick opponent > renders as reward
          • Get dressed

          Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings

          • I like it (Relationship Points Josy +1) / It’s better than wearing nothing (Relationship Points Josy +1) (requires dtype below 1) / Let’s go
          • Flirt with her (Relationship Points Josy +1 (requires dtype below 1), Relationship Points Josy -1 otherwise)/ Don’t push your luck
          • Check her out (not if 0 dtype) / Don’t push oyur luck
          • I feel excited / I’m nervous
          • Thank her/Just leave
          • Be confident/Be friendly
          • Be rude/Be friendly
          • Sure
          • Check her panties(Relationship Points Maya -1) / Chek her out (Relationship Points Maya +1) /Don’t push your luck
          • Really / Tell a joke (Relationship Points Maya +1)
          • Cool /Compliment her(Relationship Points Maya +1)
          • Hug her(Relationship Points Maya +1) (requires dtype below 1) / Bye
          • Introduce yourself / Say Nothing
          • Intervene (Relationship Points Jocks -1) (Relationship Points Sage +1) / Keep quiet (if you Intervened)
          • Shove him/Call security
          • Joke about her name/Pretty name
          • Maybe he did /That’s bullshit
          • Tell a joke (Relationship Points Sage +1 if you are a dick) / Don’t push it
          • Why do you date him (Relationship Points Sage +1 if you are a dick, if not Relationship Points Sage -1) / Don’t inquire
          • That’s superficial (Relationship Points Sage -1) / I haven’t made any friends yet
          • Check her out/Don’t push your luck
          • Banter/ Defend her
          • Just my type / I’m more into milfs like Cathy (dream scenes > titjobs with Jade 1st option, ôr femdom with Cathy 2nd)
          • Get mad (Relationship Points Derek -1) / Ignore him
          • Check her out(Relationship Points Maya -1) /Say hi

          English class

          • 3 letter words: Git, His, Hit, Its, Lit, also Sit
          • 4 letter words: Gilt, Gist, Gits, Hilt, Hits, List, Shit, Sigh, Silt, Slit, also This
          • 5 letter words: Sight, Light, Gilts, also Hilts
          • 6 letter words: Slight, also Lights

          +1 DIK point if you use the cheat 1st move, -1 if not


          • Ask about boyfriend / Leave it alone
          • Mock him(Relationship Points Jocks -1) /Calm him down
          • Mock him(Relationship Points Jocks -1) /Calm him down
          • Compliment her (Relationship Points Jill +1 if dtype below 0r Relationship Points Jill -1) / Introduce yourself

          Buy “Take notes for the nerds”, you will earn money every lesson you follow

          • Tell a joke (Relationship Points Isabella -1 if dtype more than 1) / Ask about library card
          • Say hey (Think a bad thought/Ignore him)/ Ignore him

          2nd free roam – Dream Ending

          • call Josy
          • Why are you calling and I miss you (Relationship Points Josy +1) / Just checking in or I was about to call you I miss you (Relationship Points Josy +1) / Just checking in
          • What about your boyfriend? / What about me?
          • Phone > Brawler game > pick opponent > renders as reward
          • corridor
          • guy at the vending machineBuy him a soda/ Leave
          • bathroom > stall
          • Special render: magazine (floor)
          • Click on the gloryhole
          • Talk to Derek High Five (Relationship Points Derek +1) /Low Five
          • Joke around (Relationship Points Derek +1) / Ignore him (don’t buy > dev console)
          • Go back to your room and study Math
          • 5th render: table (lamp)
          • End of the day
          • Fine/Don’t you
          • Sage, was it?/I’m blanking on your name
          • Yes (Relationship Points Sage +1 if dtype > 0) / No
          • Let me check (Relationship Points Sage +1) (requires dtype > 1) / If you say so
          • What’s in it for me?/No way

          Math Minigame

          Answers: c, b, d, a, d, c, but with cheats +1 DIK point


          • Indoors / Outdoors
          • Cuddling with a blanket / Bubble bath / Neither
          • At a party / At home
          • Pay for her meal (Relationship Points Maya +1) / Dont pay for her meal
          • Beat him up / Storm out (1st choice -1 cell fom the CHICK side, 2nd -1 cell from the DIK side) (if you beat up Troy >dev console and type: $ sports_victory = True jump sports_fight1_done
          • I don’t hate them (Relationship Points Dicks -1) / I hate them (Relationship Points Dicks +1)
          • Play along (Relationship Points Dicks +1) / Deny

          3rd free roam

          • Special Render: center of the table
          • click right
          • examine door on the right
          • examine door on the center
          • pick up money (top shelf)
          • Special render: left of the cardbox
          • enter the bathroom
          • special render: near the WC
          • click on the panties


          • Stay quiet / Act like a girl
          • Agree/Try to leave
          • Get involved(requires 2 dtype) /Leave
          • Joke around (Relationship Points Dicks +1 if DIK point > 0) / Get angry
          • Tease her(Relationship Points Isabella -1) /Don’t tease her(Relationship Points Isabella +1)
          • Stop calling me boy / Don’t call her out
          • Laugh(Relationship Points Maya +1) /Get annoyed

          4th free roam

          • click on the table
          • study gender studies, click up
          • special render: top-right book
          • click on the right
          • Left side of the closet (money)
          • click left twice
          • examine the drawer
          • Special render: middle
          • talk to Maya
          • Joke (Relationship Points Maya +1) / Really
          • Go to bed
          • End the day


          • Sure / Together (DIK or a CHICK point depending no your dtype
          • Sneak a peek (requires dtype is > 1) / Wait until she’s done
          • Closer look at ass / Closer look at tits
          • Compliment her (Relationship Points Maya +1 if dtype < 0) / Dont compliment her
          • Ask her to turn around and check her out / Undress while she looks (Relationship Points Maya +1 if dtype < 0)

          2nd Dream Scene

          • Hostile approach/Calm approach
          • Hostile approach/Calm approach
          • Look closer/Don’t risk it
          • No harsh feelings/Don’t accept apology
          • Yes/No/ None of your business
          • Accept her offer / Reject her offer (1st choice -1 cell fom the CHICK side, 2nd -1 cell from the DIK side)
          • Say hey/Retort
          • Joke / Say hey (Relationship Points Jill +1 if dtype < 0)
          • Whisper again / Sit down closer to her and Thanks (Relationship Points Jill -1) / It wasn’t a move

          5th free roam

          • Special renders: play browler on the phone
          • chat with Derek
          • chat with Josy and pick: ‘You look very pretty in that, Josy’ (Relationship Points Josy +1)
          • Talk to Maya


          • Sneak a peek (requires dtype > 0) / Ask her what she’s doing
          • Look closer/Don’t look closer
          • Smell her hair (Relationship Points Maya -1 if dtype > 0) / Don’t risk
          • it Push her leg down (Relationship Points Maya +1) / Linger longer
          • Too late for that (Relationship Points Maya +1) / Ok. I’ll try
          • I liked it (Relationship Points Maya +1 if dtype < 0) / It wasn’t for me
          • Thanks for the movie / Was that an offer?
          • Easy credits and vag*nas(Relationship Points Maya -1) (Relationship Points Derek +1) (requires 2 dtype) /Learn more about women(Relationship Points Maya +1)/ Nothing special

          Gender studies Minigame

          Answers: Danielle, 2 years old brown, Franz, You never told me, $12, Glasses, Linda 240lbs, 2 months, Your boyfriend Jaime, and also 13

          (Video) Being a DIK Full Game Walkthrough Review Part 1

          6th free roam

          • click right
          • clickright side (closet)
          • click down to unlock a special render
          • chat with Derek or Sage
          • chat with Josy >1st, 2nd and 1st answers
          • Phone > Brawler game > pick opponent > renders as reward
          • study English (table)
          • if you accepted Quinn’s offer, call her / free from charge choice funny reaction.
          • Go to bed, End the day
          Being a Dick Walkthrough - Season 1 (1)

          Being a DIK Walkthrough – Episode 2


          • Yes (Relationship Points Dicks +1) / No?
          • Defend Maya / Say nothing < if you played camila (accepted Quinn’s) >Tell her the truth/ Say nothing
          • Make her stop(lose) / Let her continue and Ask her to stop /Tease her
          • Positive response / Negative response
          • I like Maya / Nice and Nothing / Nothing.. yet

          7th free roam

          • investigate
          • Talk to 2 guys at the couch and other at the door
          • Click right > fridge
          • Special render: magazine (left of the fridge)
          • Click right and talk to Derek Yes (Relationship Points Derek +1) / No <requires Dik pointst -1 >Friendly greeting/Flirty greetingWalk off/Be a smart ass< requires picked ‘Be a smart ass’ >Agree/DisagreeDefend Maya(Relationship Points Derek +1) /Agree with the HOTs
          • stairs
          • Investigate and talk to all the girls
          • Investigate and enter the janitor room,
          • special render: book at the top behind the chait
          • Talk to the 2 guys


          • To make out with you / To help you (Relationship Points Maya +1)
          • Yes / No
          • Stop it (Relationship Points Maya +1) / Let Quinn continue
          • Joke (Relationship Points Jocks -1) (Relationship Points Dicks +1) / Keep quiet
          • Me neither ORJoke(Relationship Points Derek -1) /
          • Joke Relationship Points Maya -1 if dtype > 0, Relationship Points Maya +1 otherwise) / Ask why
          • Tell her what you know / Don’t tell her about Quinn
          • Yes / No, father (Relationship Points Dicks +1)
          • Agree / Focus

          8th free roam

          • Click right twice, investigate, left to watch 2 scenes, down
          • nvestigate near the rope
          • Climb up
          • Go first / Let Derek go first
          • Investigate on the right, take a look at Jill
          • Watch her/Don’t watch her
          • Special render: magazine (bed > right drawer)
          • Investigate on the chair, click on the right, pick up the money
          • Special render: under the logs (fireplace)
          • Other Special render: Book (bed > left drawer)
          • Special render: Click on the bookshelf, 2nd row from the bottom, far right
          • Investigate near the vase, money under it
          • Click on Derek
          • Yes
          • Money: Drawer under the 3 books
          • Click right, then the moose to end the free roam

          English Class Minigame

          • 3 letter words: Her, Pee, Per, Rep, See, also She
          • 4 letter words: Here, Hers, Peer, Reps, Seep, also Seer
          • 5 letter words: Peers, Sheep, Sheer, also Spree
          • 6 letter words: Herpes, also Sphere

          +1 DIK point if you use the cheat, -1 otherwise,


          Love you, too/Bye

          9th free roam

          • phone > chat with dad
          • I’ll send the money back to you/ I already bought it (money +1) /Thanks dad(money +1)
          • If you agreed to Quinn’s proposal call her and buy special item (3 money)
          • Special render: brawler minigame on the phone
          • 1st right, 2nd left side of the drawer = money
          • study english (table)
          • Click on the guitar (Relationship Points Maya +1)
          • Talk to Maya


          • Stay with Maya (Relationship Points Maya +1) / Go to the party
          • I intend to (Relationship Points Dicks +1) / No

          Mouse Minigame

          The cursor always stays within the borders of the path, 3 times = special render

          • Do it (Relationship Points Dicks +1) / Pass
          • “Go home to Maya (Relationship Points Derek +1) / Stay and party
            < if you picked ‘Stay and party’ and you won all stages of the minigame > Find Sage / Find Sarah (you only get this option if you bought the special item from Quinn) < if you picked ‘Find Sage’ > Kiss her /Leave< if you picked ‘Kiss her’ >Yes(Relationship Points Sage +1 if dtype > 0) / No < if you picked ‘Find Sarah’ > *se*x scene* < if you picked ‘Go home to Maya’ > Tell her about the HOTs / Don’t tell her about the HOTs (this choice sets a variable not used in this version) Kiss her / Don’t kiss her (better scenes = kiss) Why shouldn’t we kiss / Don’t you want to kiss (you will only get the se*x scene if -3 < dtype < 2 and you picked Kiss her at the branching)”
          • Tell the truth / Dodge the question (Relationship Points Maya -1) <requires ‘Tell the truth’ > Kiss her cheek (Relationship Points Maya +1) / Don’t kiss her
          • Buy chocolate / Buy flowers/ Don’t buy her anything
          • Talk to him / Walk away (1st choice -1 cell fom the CHICK side, 2nd -1 cell from the DIK side)
          • Hug / Kiss on cheek (Relationship Points Josy +1) (if you bought Josy a flower and you asked her about flowers during the 3rd phone chat in v0.1, you get Relationship Points Josy +2, if you didn’t ask her or you bought her chocolate you get Relationship Points Josy +1)
          • Compliment food / Compliment effort (Relationship Points Josy +1)
          • Ask about mom
          • Ask about dad
          • Yes / No


          • Accept / Not like this < if you picked ‘Accept’ > Compliment her (Relationship Points Josy +1 if dtype < 1) / Don’t push your luck (3rd dream scene)
          • Yeah, it does / Not really
          • Joke / Ask why
          • Check her cleavage/Dont check her cleavage
          • Calm approach/Hostile approach(skip the minigame= , open the dev console and type $ ep2_dawe_fight_won = True jump ep2_after_dawe_fight_label)
          • Stay and fight / Run away (1st choice -1 cell fom the CHICK side, 2nd -1 cell from the DIK side)
          • Alphas / Cute outfit
          • Check her out(you only get this option if dtype > 0) / Don’t risk it
          • Mock Dawe(Relationship Points Sage +1) /Don’t mock Dawe
          • Stop / Kiss her back
          • Talk her out of it / Sympathize
          • Yes (if you want to keep on helping Sage) / No
          • Be mad with Chad / Ask more about Sage (Relationship Points Sage +1 if dtype > 0)
          • Yes (Relationship Points Sage +1)(guitar class scene with Sage) / No
          • Look closer/Don’t risk it
          • Hi Bella (Relationship Points Isabella -1) / Hi Isabella
          • Compliment them (Relationship Points Jill +1) / Don’t push it
          • Look closer/Don’t risk it
          • Yes / No
          • Say hey / Ignore him
          • Joke / Let Jill answer
          • Me neither (Relationship Points Isabella +1) / Who do you like?
          • Compliment her (Relationship Points Isabella +1) / Thank her

          10th free roam

          • Chat with dad, Josy and Maya, and Play brawler > special render
          • Vault app on the phone,4-4-1-3 to unlock 5 special renders
          • Table and investigate
          • money: Click right, right of the kettle
          • Investigate till you reach the bookshelf, center-bottom the red book > special render
          • Center doorPeek(Relationship Points Isabella -1) /Don’t peek
          • Door on the right


          • Look closer/Don’t look closer
          • I remember / It’s foggy
          • Ask for a ride (Relationship Points Isabella -1 if dtype > 0) / Walk
          • Learn about women’s issues (Relationship Points Isabella +1) / Easy credits
          • Thank her / Kiss her (better) andYes/No

          Math Minigame

          Answers: c, a, a, a, c, c, d, d, d, b, d +1 DIK point with cheats

          (Video) Being A DIK - Part 1 - Episode 1: The Initiation - Intro

          • “Sympathize / It’s his choice < if you chose to tutor Sage > Correct her / Wait until she’s done Correct her / Wait until she’s done < if you picked ‘Correct her’ > Flirt (Relationship Points Sage +1) / Stay focused Kiss her / Don’t take it further (picking ‘Kiss her’ you won’t get to see the tit*job scene unless you kissed Sage at the party)”

          Gender Studies Minigame

          Answers: Chocolate, 5, 3, Diet orange, Fries, Whiskers, Lemons, 0, 5 years, Blue shirt with white dots

          • Positive response / Negative response
          • Flirt / Don’t flirt
          • Ask her about the song / Apologize and leave
          Being a Dick Walkthrough - Season 1 (2)

          Being a DIK Walkthrough – Episode 3

          • Agree / Disagree
          • Yes / No
          • I do / Not me
          • I’ll try / No way

          Brawler Minigame

          Cheat if you need:

          • $ sports_hp = 4
          • $ sports_mov = 4
          • cheat $ sports_dex = 4
          • $ sports_pow = 4
          • or directly:$ ep3_chad_fight_won = True jump ep3_after_chad_fight_pov_label


          • Joke / Just tell her
          • Yes / No
          • That’s nice / That’s creepy (chick or neutral) and Turn your head / Don’t move (better scene picking the former)Remove your hand/Move your hand a bit
          • Compliment her outfit (Relationship Points Jill +1 if dtype < 0) / Good morning
          • Tease him(Relationship Points Preps -1) /Great him
          • Agree / Disagree
          • Yes / No (Relationship Points Jill -1)
          • Peek/Don’t risk it
          • Discuss / leave < if you picked ‘Discuss’ > Go easy on her / Be harsh (Relationship Points Jill -1)
          • Peek/Don’t risk it
          • Offer to help her / Don’t offer your help

          11th free roam

          • open phone
          • Chat with Derek (2nd and 2nd), Josy, Sage (2nd ), (requires teaching her guitar)
          • rooster app:
            • pic with ‘Rusty’, picking the one at the top gives (Relationship Points Derek +1), the other (Relationship Points Dicks +1) (+1)
            • pic with ‘Maya’ , picking the one at the top gives (+1), the other (Relationship Points Maya +1) (-1)
            • with ‘Jill’ , picking the one at the top gives (Relationship Points Jill +1) (-1) , the other (Relationship Points Preps -1) (+1) (picking the latter will get your post flagged as harassment)
            • pic with ‘Riona’
          • special render > phone > brawler
          • Money: play the Shuffle
          • desk, study math
          • special render: book on the left of the pens
          • money: notes panel over the closet
          • “click down and then left, click on the beers, a hovering minigame will start, win 5 times to unlock a special render”
          • click on Maya


          • Wear the dilso helmet / Let Derek keep it
          • Pay for her meal/ Don’t pay
            • if you tried to kiss Isabella +1
            • if you tried to peek on Isabella
            • ‘Pay for her meal’ gives a +1
            • if you insulted the cafeteria worker -1
            • if you beat up Troy -2 –
            • Pass english and math test +2 –
            • wearing the helmet you get a -1
            • TOTAL < 0 Relationship Points Isabella -1, >0 Relationship Points Isabella +2)
            • (Requires ‘Wear the dilso helmet’) Joke / Just tell herPlace a hand on her thigh/Do nothing

          Math Minigame

          answers: b, a, a, b, c, d, b, d, a, d cheats = 1 DIK points

          • Don’t worry (Relationship Points Derek +1)/ That was stupid > It was hot (Relationship Points Derek +1) / Fuck you
          • Do it/Let Derek do it
          • Yes / No
          • Pry / Leave it alone (Quinn’s girl service before > scene)
          • (Requires guitar lessons to Sage) Focus on the fight / Focus on Sage (Relationship Points Sage +1) I’m here for you / Forget about him (Requires guitar lessons to Sage, and you didn’t kiss her) Yes / No (the former rejects Sage) It’s just me being horny (Relationship Points Sage +1) / We’ll see what happens (Relationship Points Sage -1) To give up control / To have control
          • Party without limits / Let Derek do the DIK stuff (1st choice -1 cell fom the CHICK side, 2nd -1 cell from the DIK side)

          12th free roam

          • “click right 2 times, click on the floor between the table and the sofa to unlock a special render – click the left arrow 3 times – click at the foot of the left blue sofa to pick up money – clickright, then click the sofa at the center of the scene, click at the right of the bottle to unlock a special render – click on Jacob (it makes no difference what girl you chose in the dialog with him, Jacob will give you money at the end) – click on Nick Cheer him up / Buy him a lap dance -click on Brandi Watch her dance / Lap dance / Leave < if you picked ‘Watch her dance’ >Grab her tit*s / Su*ck on her toes/ Just watch her dance”
          • Envy Laugh at Derek’s joke (Relationship Points Derek +1) / Get rid of Derek , requires ‘Get rid of Derek’ > Ask to get cock signed / Ask for a private dance (requires money = 4) < requires private dance’ > scene
          • Jamie Watch her dance / Lap dance / I can’t afford it (Relationship Points Derek +1) / Leave < if you picked ‘Watch her dance’ >Put a fin*ger i*n her (+2)/ Sque*eze her ass/ Just watch her dance, requires ‘Put a finger in her’ > A*ss / P*ussy
          • Rusty = money
          • Rose Watch her dance / Lap dance / Leave , requires ‘Watch her dance’ >Squeeze her tit/ Just watch her dance , requires ‘Lap dance’ >Su*ck on her tit / Feel her pus*sy
          • Tommy, Requires Relationship Points Dicks > or = 5
          • Tommy again

          Guess the boobs game

          • Lily -> [“small”, “perky”, “tiny”, “cute”] also [“firm”, “they have an edge”, “pretty tight”, “very smooth”]
          • Rose -> [“big”, “amazing”, “almost too big for my hands”, “great”] also [“firm”, “so tight”, “muscular”, “heavy”] –
          • Brandi -> [“large”, “enormous”, “really heavy”, “gigantic”] also [“soft”, “a bit saggy”, “smooth”, “perfect for a titjob”]
          • Envy -> [“of medium size”, “not too big or too small”, “pretty standard”, “perfect for my hands”] also [“not that smooth”, “a bit saggy”, “just delightful”, “probably fake”]


          • Tell her about Maya / Find some place else to stay (Relationship Points Josy -1)
          • English
          • Gender studies
          • Check her out/Don’t check her out
          • Flirt with your feet (Relationship Points Jill +1) / Keep studying
          • Greet the party / I spank Sally / Flirt with Jill
          • I attack / I protect the elf / I spank Sally
          • Sure / Nope , Requires ‘Sure’ > Give them the undrwear / Call Camila out ,Requires ‘Call Camila out’ > Tell her off / Show me yours (requires high dtype) , requires ‘Show me yours’ > Stop / Continue < if you picked ‘Continue’ > scene Camila / Scene Mona

          English Minigame

          • 3 letters words: act, ant, can, cat, gin, git, nag, nit, tag, tic, tan, also tin
          • 4 letters words: agin, anti, cant, inca, gain, gait, gnat, tang, also ting
          • 5 letters words: acing, actin, antic, also giant
          • 6 letters words: acting
          • cheats +1 DIK point


          • Agree / Disagree
          • Whose were they / Clown’s lips
          • The shaven one / The hairy one / No preferences
          • Take it Further / Stop her (1st choice -1 cell fom the CHICK side, 2nd -1 cell from the DIK side)
          • Male / Female Wear helmet / Don’t wear it

          13th free roam

          • up > villa through > open window
          • Special render: kitchen > left of the sink
          • special render: twice right > left, > bookshelf (right) > row of books (middle)
          • twice right > window
          • twice left > kitchen window
          • door on the left


          • Be honest / Hide the truth
          • Check her out/Don’t risk it
          • Check her out/Don’t check her out
            Because of Jill / Because of Tybalt (if you gained the Relationship Points Isabella +2 (previous scene) > branching) Go see Bella / Ignore Bella (1st > Bella scene)

          14th free roam

          • chat with Jill, 2nd answer ( 2 choices appear)
          • chat with Sage requires MC agreed … buddy
          • rooster app – click on the item with Sage, Cathy, and Maya > top gives (Relationship Points Maya +1) (+1) , the other (Relationship Points Maya +1) (-1) –
          • Brawler > money
          • Shuffle > money
          • Special renders: vault code 3985
          • study math ,click on Maya


          • Stay with Maya / Go to Quinn’s dorm (requires Quinn has proposed …3), Requires ‘Go to Quinn’s dorm’ > Yes / No (if ‘Yes’ call the MC with a per name) Yes / No (if ‘Yes’ pet name) Va*ginal se*x / An*al s*ex (more options) Just how i like them /Too small,Put it in her pus*sy / Put it in her a*ss Requires ‘Stay with Maya’ and ‘Offer your help’
          Being a Dick Walkthrough - Season 1 (3)

          Being a DIK Walkthrough – Episode 4

          You can choose to spend the night with Derek, Sage (requires guitar lessons) and Bella (if you “Go see Bella” before the 14 free roam)


          • Derek: Punch him (DIKchoice), Don’t insult him (chick choce), the rest doesn’t matter
          • Sage: you will eran points with her if you choose
            • Short gorl red hair
            • The DIKs know her
            • if you choose I’m more interested in you, don’t choose We almost fuc*ked
            • Don’t choose Eat Shit
            • At the end of this route: Go for it & None of your business (+2 DiKpoints)
          • Isabella: Look at her… (DIKchoice)
          • If you didn’t pick Derek: Leave him & None of your business (DIKchoice), the other 2 = +1 Derek points

          English Minigame

          Cheats = (DIKchoice)

          • 3 letters words: leo, eon, one, son, sos,
          • 4 letters words: eons, lens, less, lone, lose, loss, noel, nose, ones, sole, sons,
          • 5 letters words: loses, noels, noses, soles
          • 6 letters words: lesson

          At the end of the minigame and before the next free roam, if you compliment Isabella you will loose 1 point with her

          15th free roam

          • Phone:
            • Chat with Jill: always 2nd answer
            • Chat with Josy: Any
          • Rooster app: Item with Dave in the Title, item with Tybalt in the Tytle and item with Sage in the tytle
          • Play Brawler (special render) and plat Shuffle (money)
          • Swipper App: Swipe up 5 girls, when you chat with them:
            • Catrin: options 1, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
            • C: options 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1
            • Ellie: options 2, 1, 1, 1, 2
            • Nicole: options 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2
            • Fatty Ida: options 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 2
          • Close the phone

          Sage’s route

          • Study Gender studies and click on the yellow spot (top left) to get a special render
          • Click the guitar
          • Click the beers & unlock a special render (minigame)
          • Magazine on the chair (special render)
          • Bathroom > Mona > Ask someone else (CHICKpoint) & Look Closer (DIKpoint) > get out of the bathroom
          • Right Door > Release (CHICKpoint) & Move Hips (DIKpoint)
          • Kitchen > Elena
          • Livint Room (Up > Last room) > under the sofa (special render) > key (right of the sofa) > go left and click the magazine (special render) > Heather (only if you are on DiKpath) > Put blanket on her (DiKpoint)
          • Basement > feet of the white drawer ( special render)
          • Sauna: Nope > Remove or Tease (both DIKpoints) > She wouldn’t (Chick point)
          • Pool > Sage > Underwater > Go to your bed and end the free roam

          Derek’s route

          • Desk on the left, up arrow then the horizontal Spike (special render)
          • Study gender studies
          • beers, play the minigame (special render)
          • Drawer to the left, minigame, start with the drawer up top, you will get notified
            that something is stuck behind it, then 3rd from the top, 2nd, 4th, 3rd, 4th, click on the magazine (special render
          • Bert’s bed, click the pillow (special render)
          • Desk on the right, up arrow, click above the shelves up left (special render)
          • go up top in the room > drawer on the left, open the 1st drawer and click the black line (special render)
          • Corridor > Derek
            Vending machine > button down
          • go up in the corridor > backpack > magazine (special render)
          • Student with the yellow shirt on the left
          • Down 2 times, left > magazine shelf, click on the magazine that is right
            behind the one named Amorette (special render)
          • Bert and Eugene: Tell them off (dikpoint) Be careful (chik)
          • Ron: Push him (dikpoint)
          • click on Derek’s bed to end free roam.

          Isabella’s route

          • Kitchen > watering can
          • Pool > Bella > tips on watering plants
          • Beer (special render)
          • Kitchen > fill the can with room temperature water
          • Look for plants, touch the soil first, the MC will tell you what kind of plant that is, in case of orchids and bonsai leave it alone, for all the other plants, if the MC tells you the soil is already moist then don’t water it, if he tells you it’s a little bit dry then water ir a little, if he tells you it’s very dry then water it a lot. there’s a total of 17 plants, you gain 1 point for each right action you perform, lose 2 points for each mistake. you will need to collect at least 8 watering points to access some content with Isabella after the free roam
            is over.
          • when you’re done with the plants go up to the room where Isabela has put your stuff, you have to change to your swimming trunks, play with the guitar and click on the desk to study gender studies
          • go back down to the screen with 3 doors on a line, click the door on the left and the table at the
            center of the room, do the dishes
          • go back to the pool again and click the chair next to Isabella to end the free roam

          Isabella’s Scene

          • Help her with sunblock: Ass & Splash
          • Take it further: make a move on her

          Sage’s route

          • Right call
          • Drink > Hold her hand > Put hand > Do it > Grab (dikpoint) or don’t (chick)

          Derek’s route

          • Enables another free roam (16th free roam)
          • Don’t choose “hey Nicole”
          • When you talk to Rusty: Lap Dance
          • Pay and short of cash give you (+1 Dikpoint)


          • Math answers: b, d, a, d, b, a, c, b, d, a
          • Genfer studies answers: Karen Rebeca Johnson, conflicts or dogs, 7 years, cows, librarian, your mom, 19
            years and 2 months, 2 years, 44dB, history and latin

          Jade’s route

          (If you went further with her on v 0.3)

          • Compliment her
          • Positive response
          • Let her shower first
          • No
          • Know what? (chick) / Have s*ex? (dikpoint)
          • Make fun or join him for (+1Rpdickpoint)

          17th free roam

          Open your phone and:

          (Video) Being A DIK Season 2 Complete Walkthrough (Others & Sage Ending)

          • Chat with Jill
          • Call Sage (Pick I Miss You)
          • Brawler > Render
          • Shuffle > Money
          • Vault App Code: 0421 (6 renders) and close the phone
          • Janitor closet (special render)
          • Theater room: under one black sofa is a special render
          • Library: Unlcok another special render > Brown book
          • Talk to Nick, John Boy, Riona (Kiss her back is a dikpoint), Jamie and leon, Sarah and Melanie (eatshit is a dikpoint and leave a chick point), Tommy, Rusty, Jacob, Heather, Mona (give her beverages) and Quinn (where tommy was)

          After that, if you didn’t reject or get rejected by Maya and Josy you can sleep with one or both of them. Both is the best choice but requires an scene with Josy in Episode 2.

          More Adult Games Walkthroughs

          • Summertime Saga
          • Milfy City
          • Hillside
          • Long Live The Princess


          What drink makes Heather a dik? ›

          Make her absinthe drink and give it to her. If you do that, she'll text you in ep8.

          Where can I find champagne as a dik? ›

          The kitchen has three bottles together and when you click, you will see two. Try going back to the room with Maya and Josy and see if it registers that you have a bottle.

          What is a dik? ›

          Being a DIK is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel (VN). In this game you play as a young male attending college and the choices you make will affect the characters around you and shape your character and adventure.

          Is it being a dik? ›

          Summary: Being a DIK is a choice driven adult Visual Novel focusing on the fun parts of college life. The game is packed with humor, sex, romance, drama and a rich story. Play as a young male attending college at B&R and guide him through the experience.
          Current PC Games.
          90The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe
          18 more rows
          13 Feb 2020

          How many episodes is a dik Season 1? ›

          its 4 episodes in each season. so when episode 8 if finished season 2 will release on steam as dlc.

          How do you make the alphas leave being a dik? ›

          Talk to Ashley and talk about Derek, then call Derek and tell him about Ashley, revisit living room if you aren't there. Talk with Josy (left side of "dancing" living room), mix her a drink (preferably rum + strawberries), return to her, kiss her (preferable) or tell John to leave.

          How can I skip being a dik? ›

          You fast-forward using CTRL.

          Is being a dik worth the money? ›

          Yes. It's absolutely excellent. One of the most immersive games I've played recently as well. I had a lot of fun with it -- think I put in 40 hours or so.

          How many seasons are in being a dik? ›

          So this is a direct continuation on previous two seasons, only split into new game.

          Is being a dik playable on Mac? ›

          There's a macOS version but only available on Patreon. The reason for this is that Apple recently forced a policy with mandatory notarization of all apps on their systems. This means that all games distributed through Steam must be notarized.

          How many people play Being a DIK? ›

          Being a DIK
          MonthAvg. Players% Gain
          October 2020132.7+9.33%
          September 2020121.3-35.46%
          August 2020188.0+16.32%
          July 2020161.6+6.57%
          28 more rows

          How long will being a dik be? ›

          (Working from home in between) So if you are trying to find out get the different outcomes, it will around 15 hours. But take note that the game is not yet finished.

          How do I change my Dik name? ›

          In the old phone open the Bios app, at the top right corner there are three vertical dots, click those and you'll be able to change the players name and some other options. With the new phone it's in the Settings app.

          How can I upgrade my wallet to Dik? ›

          In your room on a table. From the bed and broken window room move left where there is a bookshelf and there will be a table there. It appears after you get some furniture from your dad. Yeah, I got it now.

          How do you solve a 4x4 slide puzzle? ›

          How To Solve a 4x4 Sliding Puzzle (Easily and in under a minute!)

          How do you solve a rotation puzzle? ›

          To solve them you need to: Decide which color needs to go where. Select a particular node and rotate it to match the right ends in a few moves as possible. Move onto the remaining nodes, making sure you have enough moves left to turn that to the correct orientation.

          How do you win sliding puzzles? ›

          In order to master sliding puzzles, you want to solve them (or attempt to solve them) in portions. Try to solve the top right corner, then the top left corner. From there, you should be able to solve the first row of the puzzle.

          Is being a dik the best game? ›

          Nope. It's good, but I'm not even sure I would put it in my top 5 Patreon funded Adult Games. When it's finished, in my opinion Treasure of Nadia will be hands down the best Patreon funded Adult Game. At least for the time being, but nothing else that I've seen is as good as that game.

          How many hours is being a dik? ›

          Expect a 5 - 8 hour long humor-filled and emotion-packed Adult Visual Novel that many players only could find the strength to play once.

          What does Dik mean in Greek? ›

          Dik definition

          (historical and Ancient Greek mythology) The goddess personifying the principle of justice. pronoun.

          What is a dik member? ›

          Fund DIK means a transfer by any Sponsor Investor of any Transferrable Shares as a dividend or distribution in kind to any limited partner, non-managing member or other similar direct or indirect investor in such Sponsor Investor.

          Is Dik a Scrabble word? ›

          No, dik-dik is not in the scrabble dictionary.

          How do you spell justice in French? ›

          1. justice, la ~ (f) Noun.
          2. équité, la ~ (f) Noun.

          What language is dik dik? ›

          Etymology. From Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *dəkdək (“pulverize, crush by pounding”).

          What is Greek Epainos? ›

          ἔπαινος • (épainos) m (genitive ἐπαίνου); second declension (Attic, Ionic, Koine) (uncountable) approval, praise quotations ▼ (countable) an expression of praise; a speech praising someone quotations ▼

          Is a dik dik real? ›

          A dik-dik is the name for any of four species of small antelope in the genus Madoqua that live in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa. Dik-diks stand about 30–40 centimetres (12–15.5 in) at the shoulder, are 50–70 cm (19.5–27.5 in) long, weigh 3–6 kilograms (6.6–13.2 lb) and can live for up to 10 years.

          How do Dik-DIKS mark their territory? ›

          They also mark their territory with eye secretions.

          A bare black spot below the inside corner of each eye contains a preorbital gland. It produces a dark, sticky secretion. Dik-diks poke their eyes in grass stems and twigs to spread the secretion, scent-marking their territories.

          Is Dak a real word? ›

          Yes, dak is in the scrabble dictionary.

          Is Tik a Scrabble word? ›

          Yes, tik is a valid Scrabble word.

          Is Dok a word? ›

          DOK is not a valid scrabble word.


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